Our Training Philosophy

Many gyms looks like ours from the outside in, but very few, if any, actually are. One of the biggest differentiators is how we view training.

First off we very clearly separate the concept of training from assessments. We don't treat every session as an assessment, that is a foolish approach to fitness and one that will lead to very diminishing returns if not injury, or overtraining.  

Instead our approach is to assess certain attributes up front to measure ability, dictate training intensity and volume, and to measure progress. We then train that attribute in a 3-12 week training cycle in a progressive manner to improve it. At the completion of that cycle we re-assess, take time to recover, and repeat. 

This method of training is known as periodization, or the structuring of training into individual blocks that prepare the athlete for each subsequent block. Periodization is heavily used in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, field sports, and endurance sports. For some reason the methods of the world's best athletes has been ignored by the vast majority of training facilities in the world which now favor random training that almost exclusively focuses on high intensity training. 

Second, we use the methods and exercises that yield the highest return on investment of the athlete's time. Time is a valuable commodity for most athletes and we choose exercises that do not require an extremely high level of technical ability. We avoid complex gymnastic based movements as they require a significant amount of time to become proficient enough to utilize them in a constructive manner. 

Finally, we don't coddle our athletes. The coach is there to instruct, mentor, and provide feedback to the athletes, not to make them feel good about themselves for showing up and putting forth a sub-par effort. Don't mistake this for a lack of caring as each athlete's well being is the coach's primary concern. But to become Stronger, Faster, and Harder to Kill you have to put in some work. Our path is not the easiest, but it is a very rewarding one.